No, Irish Jacks make wonderful apartment dogs as well as farm dogs. They are an extremely versatile breed and can thrive in both city and country living. They do need exercise and attention but do not need large amounts of space to be happy or well-adjusted.


We generally recommend people that are within driving distance make an appointment to come meet our dogs in person. If we have puppies currently available we can show them to you along with our adult dogs. We feel it is important to get familiar with the adult dogs, not just the puppies. The adult Irish Jack Russells will give you a good feel for the disposition and type of dog your new puppy will turn into.

We generally ask questions about your home and the environment you plan to bring a puppy into. We also go over typical puppy behavior, training methods, vaccine...

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There is often an adjustment period for the puppies when they leave our home. We send our puppies home with a detailed schedule which will help new owners keep their schedule similar in their new home. We also send them home with food if you do not already have Life's Abundance already at home.

Although the puppies are familiar with a crate, the first couple nights at home can be noisy. Once they become familiar with the new crate and home they should go back to sleeping through the night without any issues.


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 All of our dogs at Patch Wood Farm are from Irish decent. We starting off importing our first two Irish Jacks, Whinny and Nickers and from there our breeding program was developed. Although our puppies are all bred here in New Hampshire many of our breeding dogs were directly imported from Ireland. We chose the name to differentiate our pups from the typical American or Parson Russell Terriers.

We give all of our Irish Jacks their first Parvo/Distemper vaccine at seven weeks of age. They will need their second vaccination at 10-11 weeks of age and then their third and final set at 13-14 weeks.If we have the pup longer than 10 weeks we will give them their necessary vaccines to keep them on the correct vaccination schedule.

We feed and highly recommend Life's Abundance Health Food for pets. All of our dogs have been thriving on this super premium food for about eight years. For more information on Life's Abundance please contact Kathleen at Kathleen@ImportedJacks.com.

We highly suggest spaying and neutering your Irish Jack Russell puppy at 6 months of age. This greatly reduces the risk of certain health issues and keeps your pup a happy and healthly pet.

We do sell puppies to approved homes for breeding. Please email us if you are interested in a puppy, potentially for breeding.

Irish Jack Russells generally live between 14-18 years of age.

We have always found that the temperament of the individual puppy plays a bigger role in personality than gender but here are some generalizations we have found over the years.

Male Irish Jacks tend to be a bit bigger and stockier than their female counterparts. The males often tend to be more docile and easy going.  A neutered male will not generally mark his territory in the house or yard.

The females  have a more petite look and are usually more sensitive and can become more attached to their specific owner.

Irish Jack Russells are very social and love being around other dogs.

When having two dogs it is generally easiest to have one of each gender. If you have an older dog in the home it may take a little time for the older dog to get adjusted to having a full time friend. Once the adjustment period is over the two dogs usually become bonded for life.

Many people often end up getting two litter mates to enjoy twice the fun. We recommend spend individual time with each pup so they do bond well to their owners. Getting two pups together does cut down on the crate training and...

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