Yes, we ship our puppies to approved homes throughout the United States, Canada, and other countries. We have puppies living in Germany, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Italy just to name a few!

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Getting a puppy when you are located too far to drive out to us can be stressful. We have been shipping to new approved homes for over 10 years and it is not as hard as it would seem.

Once we have decided together that an Irish Jack is right for you and the puppy has been purchased, Kathleen will get to work on the transport.

Once we have a flight date and time that...

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Yes! Irish Jack Russells are amazing with children. All of our puppies are raised amongst children as well as other animals. They form very strong bonds with children and most often become life long friends!

Jack Russells are very intelligent little dogs! They can learn just about anything if they are trained with a consistent and patient hand. They are a terrier breed and do need firmness as well as praise! Many of our Patch Wood puppies are now therapy dogs, service dogs, trick dogs, models, and agility superstars!

(We also offer training for anyone that may want a little more guidance in this department!)

Our Irish Jack Russell puppies are generally around $1,200. Our rare Irish Black and Tans are $1,400 and up and generally require a reservation to be placed prior to the litter being born. We occasionaly will have a pup with small cosmetic flaws that will be priced a bit less. Please keep in mind the initial purchase price of the puppy only reflects a small portion of the life long cost of dog ownership. We strive to breed healthy and happy puppies and guarantee their health for life.

We accept deposits on planned litters and also on puppies that are not old enough to leave our home. The deposit fee is generally $400 and will be applied to the total purchase price of the puppy. Deposits are non refundable. In the event you have a deposit on an unborn litter and a puppy of your liking has not been produced, your deposit will held and you can pick from the next litter due. Once you have chosen a specific puppy the deposit becomes non refundable or transferrable.

All individual dogs are different but Irish Jack Russells are bred to make excellent family companions and do not require too much exercise. They love swimming, hiking, beach runs, and any other activity they can do with their owners. Although they love to be kept busy they are generally content with a nice daily walk or romp in your yard. They do, however, require lots of love and affection!

With proper training Irish Jack Russells are wonderful off-leash. All of our dogs are frequently found off-leash running down the beach or following us through the wood trails. They naturally do not want to leave their pack leader (owner) and with a bit of training can be completely trustworthy off-leash no matter what the circumstance.

(We don't however recommend leaving your dog unattended off-leash unlss they are in a secure area!)

Yes, they do not have as strong of a hunting drive as the Parson Russells or typical Jack Russells, making them an excellent candidate for cat families. Our Jacks live with four cats and are best buddies with them!

Irish Jack Russells come in three coat types -- smooth, broken and rough.  All three coat types shed but they do not have an under coat which makes for less shedding than most breeds. This makes them a better candidate for people with mild allergies.

Yes, crate training is essential in training an Irish Jack Russell. All of our puppies have begun the crate training process when they leave for their new homes. Crate training keeps your puppy or dog safe and also aids in the housebreaking process immensely. Your dog will learn to love his or her crate and it will be a safe and comfortable place to rest.

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