Are they good off-leash?

With proper training Irish Jack Russells are wonderful off-leash. All of our dogs are frequently found off-leash running down the beach or following us through the wood trails. They naturally do not want to leave their pack leader (owner) and with a bit of training can be completely trustworthy off-leash no matter what the circumstance.

(We don't however recommend leaving your dog unattended off-leash unlss they are in a secure area!)

Are they good with cats?

Yes, they do not have as strong of a hunting drive as the Parson Russells or typical Jack Russells, making them an excellent candidate for cat families. Our Jacks live with four cats and are best buddies with them!

Do they need a large house or yard to be happy?

No, Irish Jacks make wonderful apartment dogs as well as farm dogs. They are an extremely versatile breed and can thrive in both city and country living. They do need exercise and attention but do not need large amounts of space to be happy or well-adjusted.

Are Jack Russells easy to train?

Jack Russells are very intelligent little dogs! They can learn just about anything if they are trained with a consistent and patient hand. They are a terrier breed and do need firmness as well as praise! Many of our Patch Wood puppies are now therapy dogs, service dogs, trick dogs, models, and agility superstars!

(We also offer training for anyone that may want a little more guidance in this department!)

Are Irish Jacks good with children?

Yes! Irish Jack Russells are amazing with children. All of our puppies are raised amongst children as well as other animals. They form very strong bonds with children and most often become life long friends!

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