Jack Russell Characteristics

Physical Characteristics


Usually between 8 and 12 inches as measured at the withers with the dog standing fully erect, with 10 to 12 being ideal.


14-18 pounds (6-8 kg)


Body length should be slightly longer than the length of the leg. Length should not exceed function. Straight back with high tail set carried erect. Chest should be spanned by two hands behind the shoulder blades. The rear should be well put together with strong muscle and good angulation. Should have a well-laid back shoulder.


Should be well laid into the shoulders.


Strong boned with powerful jaws and strong cheek muscles. Dark almond-shaped eyes, pigmented eye rims, dark black pigment on nose. Small, v-shaped ears carried close to the head. Prick, semi-prick and rose ears are acceptable.

The length of the muzzle from the nose to the stop (the transition area from the back of the head to the muzzle) should be slightly shorter than the distance from the stop to the back of the head.


The points of the upper incisors should slightly overlap the lower. Jack Russell Terrier can sometimes be missing up to four teeth. Either “level” or “scissor” bites are common.


Legs should be strong and straight-boned. Elbows should hang perpendicular to the body. "Hound-Like, "Fox-Like" and "Hare-Like" feet are all acceptable. All three are considered sound working feet for a Jack Russell.

Gait (Walking Movement)

Jack Russell Terriers should walk in a free, lively, well-coordinated manner.


Coat should be smooth, rough or broken, without being wooly. Smooth should not be sparse. Belly and underside should be coated.


Predominantly white with tan, black or brown markings. Ticked or mottled acceptable. Brindle markings are not acceptable.

Life Expectancy

Around 15 years.


Jack Russell Terriers are cheerful, loving, intelligent, spirited, and full of energy. They enjoy playing games and usually get along very well with children.

Because Jack Russells are fairly intelligent, they can sometimes try to take advantage of an owner that lets the rules slide from time to time. It’s important, therefore, to act as if you are the “pack leader” and make sure your Jack Russell knows to obey the rules that you set. Be careful not to let your Jack Russell believe that they are in fact the “pack leader”. When Jack Russells believe that they are the pack leader, negative behaviors can arise.

Jack Russells are very intelligent, thus allowing them to be easily trained. For this reason, they have been used in various TV shows and movies. In order to properly train a Jack Russell, though, the trainer must be firm. We offer lifetime training support and also formal training and classes.

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