Buying a Jack Russell

What to Look for in a Breeder

Please be aware that there are only a select number of reputable shortie Jack Russell Terrier breeders. There are many "breeders" that import unregistered, unhealthy puppies (sometimes mutts) and sell them as Jack Russell Terriers from Ireland.

Before you purchase a puppy be sure to meet the parents of the litter and ask many questions of the breeders. If the puppies are imported, you should get multiple pictures of the parents and a pedigree or IKC registration papers. Also note that it is illegal to import puppies from Ireland before the age of 10 weeks.

Getting Your Home Ready

Here are some suggestions on what types of materials could come in handy with a new Jack Russell puppy:

  • Life's Abundance Dog Food (our favorite!!)
  • Small pet mate plastic crate
  • Sheepskin crate liners
  • Small food and water dish
  • Tasty Treats Training Rewards
  • Cat size harness
  • Thin leash
  • ID tags
  • Nature's Miracle Stain remover
  • Puppy Shampoo
  • Small dog/cat nail clippers
  • XXS coat for the cold seasons
  • Large plush toys
  • Tennis balls
  • Nylabones
  • Small puppy sized Kongs
  • Greenies chew bones

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