Do you ship your puppies?

Yes, we ship our puppies to approved homes throughout the United States, Canada, and other countries. We have puppies living in Germany, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Italy just to name a few!

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Getting a puppy when you are located too far to drive out to us can be stressful. We have been shipping to new approved homes for over 10 years and it is not as hard as it would seem.

Once we have decided together that an Irish Jack is right for you and the puppy has been purchased, Kathleen will get to work on the transport.

Once we have a flight date and time that works for us all, we will email you the confirmation email. This email will have flight times and numbers so you can track your puppy's flight.

We try our best to transport our puppies with United Airlines. United has a specialized Pet Safe team who is there specifically to care for all animals shipping with United.

The puppies will get an extra vet examination to make sure they are ready to fly.

We then purchase them an airline approved travel crate that they get to become familiar with in our home. We will have them use the crate so they are comfortable and the crate smells like our home.

We will drive them to Boston or Manchester NH to get them on their flight. The puppies will be in their new travel crate in a climate controlled area before, during and after the flight. If the flight has a connection they will often come out for a potty break or food and water. We always provide food and bowls to go with the puppy on their journey.

You will want to arrive at the airport a few minutes early to make sure you are ready for your puppy's arrival. Be sure to have a license or state issued ID in order to sign for your new puppy at the terminal.

We have never had any issues shipping pups in our 15 years of breeding. If you have any questions or concerns please let Kathleen know.

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